You might be wondering…
Where are you located? 
You can find us in Hayward on “B” Street between Filbert and Myrtle.  See “contact us” for further directions.
Where do I park?
There are some places in front of the church on “B” Street.  We also have a parking lot on “B” Street on the west side of the church.  There is overflow parking on the “A” Street side of the building.
Where do I enter?
There is a main entrance facing “B” Street as well as a side entrance accessible from both parking lots. photo-16                                  photo-15
What should I wear?
You should wear clothes.  That’s important.  Seriously, you will find a diverse group of people at COTC dressed in a variety of ways.  Who you are is more important than what you wear.
What can I expect?
*Singing – singing is a way we worship the Lord.  We put the words on the screen so everyone can participate.
*Meeting and Greeting – there will be a brief time to meet others near the beginning of the service.
*Prayer – Jesus Himself told us to pray in His house.  We believe in the power of God to meet every need.  Sometimes we have an opportunity for a person to come forward to receive personal prayer.  The person who prays for you might put a hand on your shoulder.  If your need is for healing, they may put a spot of anointing oil on your forehead as they pray, which is commanded in the Bible.
*Giving – There will be an opportunity to give.  Giving to the Lord is an act of worship, not a dreaded duty.  No one will be pressured to give; participating in the offering is a personal choice.
*Speaking – preaching is a time when the pastor or a special speaker will address the people, explaining a passage from the Bible with encouragement to apply God’s words to our lives.  Afterwards there may be a time for a prayer of response.
What about my kids?
On Sundays, there is a nursery staffed by caring volunteers for ages birth through three years old.  There is also a class for pre-schoolers for children three (potty-trained) through pre-kindergarten.  Another class is available for children kindergarten through fifth grade.  Pre-school and elementary age children will be in the main service for the singing, then will be dismissed to go to their classes.